Thursday, June 30, 2005

Tale of the tape: East St. Louis vote fraud

From AP:

In convicting five people in East St. Louis on Wednesday of plotting to buy votes in last November's general election, a federal jury keyed on the cornerstone of the government's case secret recordings in which the five are heard discussing the scheme. Here's a sampling of some of their statements:

``Now what are you going to do with $5 a vote? I'm going to give them $2.'' Charles Powell Jr., head of the East St. Louis Central Democratic Committee.

``Give her ten. Give the girl, the one running back and forth, give her five. And there's a tall guy that voted early. Give him ten.'' Yvette Johnson, a poll worker.

``You pay 'em what you wanna pay 'em.'' Jesse Lewis, a Democratic precinct committeeman.

``We paid everybody.'' Sheila Thomas, a Democratic precinct committeewoman.

``I hear ya,'' Powell, when told by an informant that ``here's the bottom line: $5 a vote ain't gonna get it.''

``We've been doing this 30 years. People are expecting something and when they don't get something, they'll hold it against you.'' Powell.

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