Thursday, June 23, 2005

Powerlineblog rips Sun-Times Durbin apologist Lynn Sweet

Lynn Sweet, liberal columnist and Washington Bureau Chief for the Chicago Sun-Times, is claiming that comments from Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley forced Durbin to issue that second, tearful apology on Tuesday, as Powerlineblog points out.

This is from Lynn's column:

"Handling an attack from the White House, GOP senators and the rabid right wing was one thing for Durbin's team. A slam by one of the nation's most prominent Democrats -- the mayor of the largest city in Durbin's state -- was another.

This is from Powerlineblog:

Lynn, one more thought. I'm not sure whether you consider Hugh Hewitt a member of "the rabid right wing." You probably do. But you might be able to learn something from his Daily Standard column this morning: "The Durbin effect." You'll see he pays a little closer attention to the words spoken by Senator Durbin than you do.

More about Hugh (from me this time) later today.

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