Monday, June 20, 2005

The Conservative Voice on DePaul, Klocek & Finkelstein

Malcom A. Kline, Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia, has written on the Thomas Klocek free speech with DePaul a couple of times before.

Well, he's back with more--his latest editorial is in the Conservative Voice. An excerpt:

Essentially, Klocek was fired for making pro-Israel statements to students from two campus groups-Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)and United Muslims Moving Ahead (UMMA)-at a student activities fair. Asnear as we can determine, there are two competing sets of claims of what happened at the fair, those of Klocek and those of the students.

The school's administrators chose to believe the latter set of allegations. Problematic though such an approach may be, it would at least make clear the boundaries of free speech and acceptable conduct at the Catholic university, that is, if that standard were applied across the board. A look at available information from DePaul indicates that such a consistent benchmark is not in place.

Compare, for example, the school's treatment of Klocek with its defense of another resident academic at DePaul-Norman Finkelstein. Finkelstein,a political science professor at DePaul, has called Nobel laureate Elie Weisel the "resident clown of the Holocaust circus." Nonetheless, Finkelstein lectures with the full support of the school fathers at DePaul, although, like Klocek, his students' evaluations of his teaching are mixed.

"Seems like this guy is here just because DePaul needs a nationally known faculty member," one anonymous reviewer writes of Finkelstein on "Unfortunately, he is known for all the wrong reasons." "Uses class to test out speeches he will make at some other university along side other radical professors."

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