Sunday, April 17, 2005

This Wisconsin prof offered extra credit points for promoting anti-smoking ban for town

Ever since I began blogging the Klocek/DePaul controversey, I've come across all kinds of stories on the PC craziness that is undermining our colleges and universities. There are entire web sites devoted to this sorry situation, such as FIRE.

This story on the surface seems small, but in Stevens Point, WI, best known as the town where Point Beer is brewed, a professor there, John Munson, sent an e-mail from his University of Wisconsin-Stevens Pont acccount offering his students 1,500 extra credit points if they, according to the AP article, "(patronized) non-smoking establishments and collect signatures to put an anti-smoking referendum on the ballot.

The referendum failed, but business in Stevens Point haven't forgotten about Munson, and they're suing Professor Munson.

From that same article: "The group is asking for a ruling declaring that Munson, a professor of health promotion and human development, illegally used his classroom for political advocacy, which is barred for state employees. The lawsuit does not seek monetary damages."

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