Monday, March 21, 2005

Other bloggers supporting Klocek

Two superb blogs, Roger L. Simon and Little Green Footballs, have weighed in on the Thomas Klocek case. Roger L. Simon's take is here, and Little Green Football's viewpoint, the March 20 "Outrage of the Day" is here.

For those interested in learning more about Dr. Klocek's (pronounced Klo-check) situation, scroll down a few posts. Here on Marathon Pundit, I orginally commented on Klocek's situation on March 1, this ABC 7 Chicago article was the inspiration for that, and of course subsquent postings. Other than this Chicago Jewish News article, that local media has been strangely silent on the Klocek story. The local newsradio station, WBBM 780, had an March 1 article, since pulled (too old?)

The national media, and of course the bloggers are doing a much better job getting this story out. Let's hope the Chicago area media finally jumps into the fray.

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