Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Henry Hyde Retiring?

Nationally, Henry Hyde is best known for his role as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee during the Clinton impeachment proceedings. Henry's been an effective conservative force in the house since arriving in Washington in 1975. According to this Chicago Sun-Times article, it looks like Henry's present term will be his last.

Democrats in Illinois are eyeing this seat as a pick up for their side, Democratic Congressional Committee chairman, Rep. Rahm "Gollum" Emanuel (D-Chicago) thinks so at least. Afterall, Melissa Bean defeated Phil Crane in a district with similar demographics here in the Chicago area last year.

"Gollum" won't be that lucky, if Hyde's seat is an open one next year. Crane was aloof and the Republican party in Illinois was asleep last year. With a strong GOP challenge against Governor Rod Blagojevich likely, look for the Illinois Republican party to keep Hyde's seat. And maybe defeat Bean, too.

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M. Simon said...

The Republican Party in Illinois Strong?

Are you kidding me?

They ran Keyes and I voted Obama. I was part of the 20 point spread Bush vs Keyes.

Now I will have no vote in the Hyde district (I'm in Rockford - Manzulo country), but still.

I'm a Jack Ryan Republican and Illinois is mostly a RINO state. But the State Party has gone all California on us. (liberal Republicans - you know - libertarian types - are not welcome).

No surprise. I predicted that the ascendancy of the Republican Party would lead to hubris and the destruction of the Republican coalition. In May of 2003.

It is still on track as far as I can see.

Strong GOP challenge to Blago? From where? Jesse White is Scty of State - where the strong challengers usually come from.

Chris Cohn from Rockford? Nope. J Topinka? the CONSERVATIVES hate her.

There is no well known Republican in the state to challenge Blago. And so far the Rs still have the Ryan stigma - George "I have not yet been convicted" Ryan.

Personally I'd like to see a small government Republican run. What are the odds? Not very many of them left.