Saturday, February 26, 2005

State auto insurance claims fund out of money

Blago's budget woes continue...from CBS 2 Chicago

By JOHN O'CONNOR Associated Press Writer
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) You might want to drive defensively around official state vehicles. Illinois has run out of money to pay some auto-accident claims.
With a $1.6 million insurance fund exhausted, 62 Illinois motorists or their insurance companies are awaiting $233,000 for accidents involving state vehicles. And new money won't be available until the next budget year starts in July, so more accidents and more delays are likely.

The rest of it is right here.


Anonymous said...

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Ju said...

I don’t know what state or country the supposed "agent" was from but let me clear things up a little.

1) yes, raising deductables can lower your premium, but you can’t drop comp and carry collision. Most if not all ins. companys will allow you to carry comp, but no collision, but require comp if you want collision.

2) There are no taxes, except in Kentucky, which taxes based on municipality and is usually incorporated into your rate.

3) Premium finance companies exist, but most larger carriers no longer work with them. Your better of using a credit card and paying that back

4) Are you living with mom and dad still? If so, your best bet is to insure the vehicle on their policy- if you live elsewhere, you need to get your own policy.

5) Don't liability only on a car you just paid $11,000 for. Thats called self-insuring, and unless you can afford to just replace the car your own, its a poor financial decision.

6) There is no "cheapest provider". Rates vary, all over the board. go online, call around, you’ll find it. One thing to make sure of though is that

a) your quoting the same coverage everywhere you go
b) that all companies have the same idea of driving record (if I think you have a clean record, but you don’t, don’t think I wont find out and raise your rate a month into the policy if needed)
c) know your prior insurance history. many companys will give you a break if you’ve had insurance for 3 years or more. Even if on mom and dads.

7) They lowered rates in 19 states, so now would be a good time re-quote your rate. See here: