Thursday, April 18, 2024

Chicago is not MAGA Country: Brandon Johnson blames recall push on the "extreme right wing"

Mayor Brandon Johnson of Chicago, the leftist ideologue who is rumored to be plagued by regular panic attacks, suffered a melt down yesterday when news broke that a nascent recall effort--against him--is underway. 

I say nascent because the first step, to make it possible to recall a Chicago mayor, must first be approved by a referendum. After that recall, which, if the referendum collects over 56,000 signatures, another referendum, the real recall, will be held.

Johnson, who is notoriously thin-skinned, is blaming the push of the "extreme right wing" and "a dude in the suburbs." 

That "dude" is a North Side man, Daniel Boland, who says he "votes straight down the middle."

Johnson's approval ratings hover around 20-percent. He campaigned on transparency--but he isn't. And while the murder rate is slightly down from the year before, other violent crimes are up. And Johnson seems to care more about the illegal alien migrants than the needs of Chicago residents.

Chicago, despite Jussie Smollet's claims, is not MAGA Country. In 2020, Joe Biden won over 80 percent of the vote. 

Johnson is delusional.

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