Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Facebook "fact-checks" satirical claim that horse who won Kentucky Derby turned down invitation to White House

On a private Facebook group that I belong to, a woman posted this Tweet.

It reads, "BREAKING: Kentucky Derby winner Rich Strike turns down a meeting with @JoeBiden. Asked why, they said 'If I wanted to see a horse’s ass, I would've came in second.'" 

In jest, I commented on that thread, "When are the Fakebook "fact-checkers" going to attack this post?"

It turns out that I was on to something, as Facebook "fact-checkers" did indeed make a ruling on this obviously satirical Tweet. 

This morning I visited that message thread, the Tweet is blurred out and it contains this message, "False information. The same information was checked in another post by independent fact-checkers." 

There's a link on the thread which brings us to an article by "fact-checker" Anna Mock. 

Her article answers a claim that it was Rich Strike's jockey, Sonny Leon, who uttered the quip, not Rich Strike. 

Fact-check for real: Horses do not speak English or any human language. The "fact-checkers," as I've observed before, are just one brigade in the left's propaganda army. 

Even satire isn't safe in Joe Biden's America. The leftists are desperate. 

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