Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Chicago Burberry's hit by flash mob thieves

Burberry's after looting in 2020
Thieves in big cities don't fear getting caught. And if they are, in places like Cook County, Illinois there is a catch-and-release prosecutor named Kim Foxx.

From WGN-TV:

Shoplifters have once again stormed a high-end retailer located on the Magnificient Mile. This time it was the Burberry store in the 600 block of N. Michigan Avenue.
According to police, four men hit the store around 4:15 Monday afternoon, stealing expensive purses worth thousands of dollars.
Two people suffered minor injuries trying to stop the thieves. Downtown visitors told WGN News they feel authorities should give such thefts the highest priority.
"We all work hard. I mean, it's not fair that some people just decide upon themselves to get something for free. It's not right," one man said. "We all work hard and pay and they think they can do whatever they want."
According to CWB Chicago the thieves stole an estimated $67,000 worth of merchandise and then sped away in a stolen vehicle.

Chicago's North Michigan Avenue was struck with two rounds of mass looting in 2020. As you can see by my photograph Burberry's was among the stores hit. 

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