Monday, July 26, 2021

USA Today fact-checker twists herself into knots trying to explain why Megan Rapinoe is not a Subway spokesperson

Let's see, Megan Rapinoe, who plays for the the American women's soccer team in the 2020 Olympics, appears in at least one Subway commercial. Maybe more, but I've only seen one. But I've learned that does not make her a Subway spokesperson. While I'll accept that Rapinoe didn't stomp on the American flag after a World Cup match in 2019, I believe that makes her a Subway spokesperson.

Subway hired her to at the very least appear in an ad for the fastfood chain which means, to me, makes her a spokesperson for Subway.

But not USA Today's fact-checker Chiara Vercellone, who says she isn't and in a fact-check that reads like a press release, a corporate PR hack told Vercellone, "Megan is one of several athletes and celebrities Subway partners with, but they are not the official company spokesperson."

So Rapinoe is a "partner," not a spokesperson. 

Same difference.


Greybeard said...

Now and then, when we had a great coupon, we'd eat at Subway. But not often.
So it's not a big loss to say, "We'll NEVER eat there again."
Like hearing that the USA Soccer team got beaten, I'll be delighted to hear that Subway has gone bankrupt.
A POX on anyone with pink hair.

Marathon Pundit said...

Agreed. I haven't eaten at Subway for a couple of years or so, so the threat of a boycott from me is a bit hollow. But not completely. By choosing Rapinoe as a spokesperson--yes, I said it again--Subway gives tacit approval of her on-the-field actions, including taking a knee for our National Anthem. But of course that doesn't stop me from spreading the news.