Friday, July 02, 2021

4 shot and 28 wounded Thursday in Chicago; 1-month-old shot in the head among victims in a mass shooting

Yesterday Chicago's police superintendant, David Brown, twisted June's crime numbers to show that violent crime is down in Chicago. CWB Chicago knocks Brown and the CPD brass down for their disingenuous victory dance.

July is off to a very bloody start in Chicago--and the usually violent July 4 weekend is upon us. 

Yesterday four people were shot to death in Chicago and at least 28 others were wounded. There was another mass shooting last night in Englewood on the South Side where a one-month-old baby was shot in the head. The baby is in critical condition while the six other victims are in good condition. Two weeks ago five people were killed and three wounded in another Englewood mass shooting. 

At least two other children were wounded  on the South Side on Thursday, an eight-year-old in Roseland in a shooting that killed one woman and wounded another, and 9-year-old girl in Grand Crossing, where a man was also shot.

Crime is out of control in Chicago, despite Brown's assurances otherwise. The ultimate blame of course belongs to Chicago's ideologue mayor, Lori Lightfoot.

But let's not let another ideologue, Cook County state's attorney Kim Foxx, off the hook. Her low-bail or no-bail policies are a contributor to Chicago's crime wave. 

In two years Illinois' no-cash-bail law goes into effect. Foxx, a leftist Democrat like Lightfoot, of course supports this law.

From my post at Da Tech Guy:

Chicago has a street gang problem not a gun problem

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