Tuesday, February 23, 2021

New Marathon Pundit series: Chicago monuments under assault, Part One, William McKinley

Last Wedneday the city of Chicago, in response to the summer riot that nearly toppled Grant Park's Christopher Columbus statue, announced the Chicago Monuments Project. 

Forty one statues, reliefs, plaques, and plaques have been listed "for public discussion." Five Abraham Lincoln statures are on this list

Yeah, in bold print there the site says, "No decisions have been made about the following monuments." 


We need to preserve our heritage and our public artwork for the left-wing "cancel culture." 

So I'm going to do a post on each one of these pieces. I'm starting off with our 25th president, William McKinley. He's known for three things, McKinley was president during the Spanish-American War and that he was assassinated in 1901. Shortly after his murder McKinley Park on Chicago's Southwest Side was commissioned. 

Some of the photographs in this series will be my own work. This one was taken by friend-of-the-blog Sam C. of the Southwest Side. 

As you can see the McKinley statue is bronze and it was designed by Irish immigrant Charles Mulligan, a prominent Chicago artist. 

To comment on the McKinley monument and the forty others "under review" please visit the Chicago Monuments Project "Feedback page." Please be polite but firm in your comments.

If you Tweet this post--and I urge you to do so--please use the #ChicagoMonuments hashtag.

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