Monday, February 22, 2021

Boss Madigan quits as Illinois Democrat Party chairman

Graphic courtesy of the 
Illinois Policy Institute

This afternoon I drove to southeastern Wisconsin for my job and once again I marveled at the many massive buildings hosting factories, offices, and warehouses in Kenosha and Racine County. 

There is no building boom on the Illinois side of the border. Why is that? Not only are taxes lower north of the Cheese Curtain there isn't a grifter culture in America's Dairyland. Unlike in Illinois, the state that was destroyed by Boss Michael Madigan (D-Chicago). 

For 36 of the last 38 years Madigan was the speaker of the Illinois House. He's been the chairman of the state Democratic Party from 1998. 

Until recently. 

House Democrats, after a bad election for the left where Madigan was used against Dem candidates in ads, dumped him as House speaker. Last week Madigan resigned his House seat. Today he quit the party chairmanship. 

He's gone but like Chernobyl his radioactive waste will remain and it will take many years to clean up. In his House resignation letter Madigan whined about "vicious attacks" against him. The splendily effective Illinois Policy Institute led the charge. They are entitled to many victory laps. Some came from me. I'm going to take a lap too.

So should the remaining decent people in the Land of Lincoln.

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