Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Sorry Chicago Public Schools teachers, there will always be a risk in your job

In my job I face many risks at the workplace and among them is getting sick. I work with the public, always with adults who may be accompanied by children. In regards to youngsters, this group is not considered high risk in regards to spreading COVID-19 or contracting it. 

Chicago Public Schools, the nation's third-largest school system, has not conducted classroom learning since March. I'm old enough to remember when the school and business closures were supposed to last a couple of weeks or so to "flatten the curve." Now CPS teachers, who always says whatever they do is "for the kids," are demanding vaccinations for all of them. So this week they overwhelmingly voted to continue to teach from home rather than in the classroom, defying a CPS order to return to working at their schools. 

Showcasing the hypocricy of the Chicago Teachers Union was Sarah Chambers, who from a Puerto Rico resort urged special education teachers not to return. While she says she tested negative she previously tested positive for COVID. Chambers is a member of the CTU executive board.

Hello teachers. There will always be a risk in going to work, such as automobile accidents on your way to school, and yes, getting ill. And during the lockdown I worked from home for a few days. It's a nice gig. There's no commute and no wear-and-tear on your vehicle or public transporation expenses. 

Be for the kids. Return to work. 

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