Tuesday, August 11, 2020

“That is reparations" says BLM organizer about Chicago looting

Society has reached a troubling crossroads. Taking something from others has always been seen as wrong. "Thou shall not steal," all single-syllable words, at least in old-style English, is pretty understandable. It is not, "You shall not steal but it is acceptable if the other guy is rich and has stuff that you believe you need."

But according to Ariel Atkins, a Black Lives Matter organizer, the new way is the second manner that I described. She spoke to the media outside a protest at Chicago Police station south of downtoen.

From the NBC Chicago:
"I don’t care if someone decides to loot a Gucci or a Macy's or a Nike store, because that makes sure that person eats," Ariel Atkins, a BLM organizer, said. “That makes sure that person has clothes."

Black Lives Matter Chicago organized the rally after overnight unrest throughout the city, with police saying that more than 100 individuals were taken into custody for a variety of offenses, including looting.

"That is reparations," Atkins said. "Anything they wanted to take, they can take it because these businesses have insurance."
Here's the video in case you think Adkins' quote is part of a right-wing plot.

I see a theme among leftists. At a town hall last month, the "fresh face" of the Democratic Party, US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, had this to say about New York City's rise in criminality, "They feel like they either need to shoplift some bread or go hungry."

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