Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Illinois Dem state rep wants history classes cancelled

Evergreen Academy, Chicago
In regards to schools we have entered an era of paradoxes. For decades I've heard that liberals care more about schools and of course the children attending them. But nationwide teachers are demanding that they run their classrooms remotely, presumably from their home, because of COVID-19. Does anyone seriously believe that kids, particularly inner city ones, will receive as good of an education plopped in front of a computer instead of in a classroom? Conservatives for the most part want schools open.

Who really cares about the kids?

Meanwhile in Illinois, whose public schools in its largest city will offer only remote learning for the fall quarter, a state representative wants to eliminate history classes for the time being.

From CBS Chicago:
Speaking at the Robert Crown Center in Evanston, state Rep. LaShawn Ford (D-Chicago) said current history teaching overlook the contributions of Blacks, women, the Jewish community, the LGBTQ community, the Latinx community, and other groups.

"It'll cost us as a society in the long run forever when we don’t understand our brothers and sisters that we live, work, and play with," Ford said.

Ford is calling on the Illinois State Board of Education and all local school districts to take immediate action by removing current history books and curriculum he says "unfairly" communicates history.
The leftward tilt in history instruction has been going on for decades and can arguably partially blamed for the violent protests plaguing our largest cities.

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Eddie said...

No single history book can cover every group and its contributions. Specialized history courses exist for this reason. (@_@)