Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Trump prepared to send federal agents to Chicago: Report

The day after a another Chicago mass shooting President Trump's belief that Chicago needs federal assistance to fight violence is correct.


Sean Thornton said...

Several perceptive commentators on Twitter and the blogosphere have been pointing out over the last few years, that when Trump makes a big announcement that he's "going to do something", it often turns out he's already done it.

My feeling is he's had undercover agents in all the big "protest" (LOL - it's "riot") cities all along, and that they've gathered whatever evidence they need, and now they're in the "roll it all up" phase of the operation.

Personally, in Chicago's case, I'm hoping they roll up Madigan and Gov. Porkchop along with the rioters ;)

Sean Thornton said...


Just reading one of those commenters I mentioned, and he brings up something I never thought of:

The video causing all the recent angst out of Portland, where the agents take the "protestor" into custody, may not have even been an arrest. They may have been extracting an undercover agent!