Monday, July 27, 2020

Leftist Daily Herald blogger Robert Feder calls columnist John Kass "Chicago Tribune’s white male conservative standard-bearer"

The Chicago Tribune's John Kass has been producing common-sense columns in that once-great newspaper's coveted page-two location that Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Mike Royko occupied since the 1990s.

He's more libertarian than conservative, Regardless of labels he's much better than that leftist hack Robert Feder, who blogs thru the Daily Herald.

Kass has been booted out of the page-two spot after his weaselly co-workers at the Trib shrieked about a column of his published last week about how the vile George Soros has been funding the campaign funds of anti-law enforcement prosecutors such as leftist Kim Foxx, who dropped the charges against hate-crime hoaxster Jussie Smollett.

In Robert "Fraud" Feder's blog post about Kass' exile from page-two, he referred to Kass as the "Chicago Tribune’s white male conservative standard-bearer."

Replace "white" with black and "male" with female. And of course "conservative" with "liberal." Do you think if Fraud Feder wrote that about an African-American writer at the Trib who is a woman that he would have gotten away with it?

I don't believe so.

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