Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Dem candidate for DuPage County Board drops out after she Tweets about laughing at federal officer being attacked

Like much of Illinois, DuPage County has changed. The Chicago collar county used to be a solid Republican stronghold. Now the Democrats are taking over. And much of today's Democratic Party is that of the far-left and Antifa.

So it should be no surprise that some Dem politicians support the mayhem going on in Portland. Such as former candidate for the DuPage County Board, Hadiya Afzal.

Image courtesy of Gateway Pundit.

In her Tweet, which is no longer viewable as Afzal has made her Twitter account private, she says, "I've been watching this on repeat for fifteen minutes and laughing every time."

Below is the short video that got Hadiya Awful laughing.

Yesterday Azfal dropped out of that board race but not before blaming "right-wing activists" for her troubles.

Meanwhile over in Chicago its mayor, Lori Lightfoot, faces regular protests at her Logan Square home. She is protected by--well, you know it's not Antifa.

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