Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Chicago alderman arrested for filing false police report

Of course this story begs the question, "Will Crook County State's Attorney give him the Jussie Smollett treatment?"

From CBS Chicago:
Ald. Proco ‘Joe’ Moreno is in police custody after an arrest warrant was issued for him for filing a false police report, Chicago police confirm.

Moreno is expected in bond court at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse Wednesday.

Recently Moreno had been in the news for filing a police report on a stolen car. Moreno later admitted it was a misunderstanding between himself and a girlfriend who said she was allowed to borrow his vehicle.
Moreno of the First Ward, is a lame duck, he lost his bid for reelection to socialist Daniel LaSpata.

This news was broken on Twitter. by Crimes in Boystown, which has an update.
"Chicago police have just announced that Moreno is charged with felony insurance fraud and felony obstruction of justice by destroying evidence," they reported.

Since 1973 an astonishing 35 Chicago alderman have served time in federal prison.


Chaz said...

I suspect this guy is screwed. The last guy got off, not this time

John Ruberry said...

Leave it to the showbiz guy--and a musician--to have a much better sense of timing than Proco.