Friday, April 12, 2019

Review: John M. Vermillion's Comfort Kills: Simon Pack Novel # 5

Last summer I read--and then reviewed, John M. Vermillion's Evil In Disguise: Simon Pack Novel # 4.

Today we move on to Comfort Kills: Simon Pack Novel #5.

Vermillion's Pack, as I wrote in my first review, is a "former Marine general, a onetime superintendent at West Point, and a one-term governor, by choice, of Montana."

As with Evil In Disguise, the plot centers around the struggles of a man scarred by a horrific experience in our southwest Asian wars.

This man, Josh Pancrest, takes a different tact than the focus of the prior novel as he recovers from his ordeal.

Panchrest was a cadet during Pack's stint at West Point, and like the general, played football for the Army Black Knights.  "Comfort kills" is a credo Panchrest lives by. As a runner in a small way I guess I do. And unfortunately in my many years in the workforce, I've encountered some arrogant bosses that you just want to smack--but none recently--I'd like to add. Such as the colonel and the captain who send Panchrest and some grunts on a mission to capture an HVT, that is, a High Value Target, in Afghanistan. A mission that was set up to fail.

That failure haunts Panchrest in his next job, as an airborne forest firefighter for the National Forest Service in Montana, where he learns that sometimes doing the right thing isn't always the best career move, particularly as he is someone with a fixed moral compass.

Montana is a vast state with not many people. Fortunately one of them of course is Pack, an Odysseus, as Vermillion phrases it, to Panchrest's Telemachus.

There are many enjoyable twists and turns in Novel #5 and some surprising heroes. Oh, Pack puts a couple of arrogant members of Congress in their proper place. Good for him.

As with # 4, Comfort Kills is an engaging read and a book I strongly recommend. And you don't have to have read the previous books to enjoy this one.

I'm hoping there is a #6. '

Comfort Kills is available at Amazon.

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