Thursday, March 28, 2019

Latest from MAGA Country: Chicago wants $130K to pay for hoax investigation

In the Chicago Sun-Times, Michael Sneed reports that Chicago, also known as MAGA Country, wants to hit hoaxter Jussie Smollet in the pocketbook.
The city on Thursday laid out the cost of the investigation into the alleged hate crime against actor Jussie Smollett and demanded the “Empire” star pay the city $130,000.

In a letter from the Chicago Corporation Counsel sent to Smollett's lawyers Thursday afternoon, officials said the total cost of the overtime the Chicago Police logged to investigate the crime was considerably more than the $10,000 Smollett agreed to forfeit after charges against him for allegedly staging the attack on Jan. 29 were dropped Tuesday.

"The Chicago Police Department conducted an extensive investigation into this report," the letter sent to attorney Patricia Brown Holmes' office says. "Over two dozen detectives and police officers participated in the investigation, ultimately spending weeks investigating the false claims, including a substantial number of overtime hours."

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