Monday, February 11, 2019

Freshman Dem rep Ilhan Omar sends anti-Semitic tweets

Democrats, you have an anti-Semite problem. So far House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has time to attend the Grammy Awards, hasn't found the time to denounce Ilhan Omar, a star, if you are a Democrat, among the freshman class of the 116th Congress.

From NBC News:
Freshman Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota — one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress last fall — is accused of sending a string of "anti-Semitic" tweets regarding the Israeli lobby in the U.S.

Omar, a proponent of the BDS — Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions — movement aimed at putting economic and political pressure on Israel over its treatment of Palestinians, first tweeted Sunday night that money was driving U.S. politicians to defend Israel.
She then tweeted that AIPAC — The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee — was paying politicians to support Israel.
Omar has another problem. She's been accused of marrying her brother and committing immigration fraud.

After speaking favorably of white supremacism House Republican leadership was swift in condemning US Rep. Steve King (R-IA). He has also been removed from all House committees.

UPDATE 1:55pm CST:

Pelosi and other Democrat leaders are calling for an apology from Omar.

UPDATE 3:30pm CST: Omar apologized.

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