Wednesday, December 19, 2018

After decades of Madigan: ILL-inois loses population for fifth straight year

Over three decades of having Boss Michael Madigan (D-Chicago) as the most powerful politician is yielding a foul harvest.

From the Illinois News Network:
Illinois had one of the largest population declines in the nation in 2018, the continuation of a yearslong retreat from the state, according to figures from U.S. Census Bureau released Wednesday.

Census numbers show 114,154 people moved out of Illinois in the 12 months ending in July. In total, Illinois’ population shrank to 12,741,080, a total population loss of 45,116 from last year. This marks the fifth consecutive year of total population loss for the state and the largest drop in population in more than a decade.

Only New York saw a larger population decline of 48,510. The Empire State has about 7 million more people than Illinois.

With an out-migration of more than 114,000 in 2017, Illinois was relegated to America’s sixth-largest state, falling behind Pennsylvania.

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