Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Indicted Chicago alderman set to change plea, UPDATED

Is this club of felon Chicago aldermen about to grow by one?

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Ald. Willie Cochran (20th) may change his plea today on various federal charges.
Prosecutors allege the 65-year-old stole money from a charitable fund, spending some of it at casinos and using some for his daughter’s college tuition. They say he demanded cash from an attorney for developers in exchange for taking action in his official capacity.

The 15-count indictment handed down in 2016 includes bribery and wire fraud counts.
Cochran's predecessor, Arenda Troutman, served time in prison for corruption.

Great work, 20th Ward voters.


The plea negotiations broke down. There will be a trial for Cochran next summer.

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