Wednesday, October 10, 2018

We are winning: People in the Swamp routinely give Trump the middle finger

President Trump's efforts to "drain the swamp" must be working.

The Swamp hates him.

From Politico:
Forget the bald eagle. The unofficial mascot of Donald Trump’s capital is a very different kind of bird.

At the White House, the nearby Trump International Hotel and wherever the presidential motorcade goes, Washingtonians are greeting this presidency with an extended middle finger.

As episodes like the separation of migrant families and the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court continue to inflame passions in Washington, D.C., these one-fingered salutes have become a pervasive marker of an administration under siege in its own city.

Tourists posing for photos, passengers in the cars that drive by the White House off Lafayette Square and pedestrians caught unaware by passing motorcades have all made increasing use of the vulgar gesture since Trump came to town. Some flip the bird subtly. Others make a show of it.

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Bucky said...

Trump keeps winning while these pathetic Lefties are reduced to futile and infantile hand gestures. As Jackie Gleason used to say "How sweet it is".