Monday, October 15, 2018

NBC botches story about Trump and Robert E. Lee, corrrects it after media runs with it

Trump Derangement Syndrome is effecting the mainstream media's ability in covering the president.

From the Hill:
President Trump on Sunday accused the media of “purposely” changing the meaning of his comments on Robert E. Lee.

In a tweet, Trump claimed that his comments about the Confederate general were “actually a shoutout” to Ulysses S. Grant.

“NBC News has totally and purposely changed the point and meaning of my story about General Robert E Lee and General Ulysses Grant,” Trump tweeted. “Was actually a shoutout to warrior Grant and the great state in which he was born. As usual, dishonest reporting. Even mainstream media embarrassed!”
NBC News originally tweeted that Trump called Lee “incredible,” but later posted a corrected tweet noting that the “incredible” comment was about Grant, not Lee.
The Hill shows the correction Tweet from NBC, but I thought James Woods' comments add much needed context.
But before the correction much of the media reported on Lee's "incredible" remark. Which of course never happened.

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Bucky Barkingham said...

NBC News, leading from behind.