Thursday, September 13, 2018

Metra is a Madigan patronage hell hole

Metra station on Chicago's South Side
Nowhere in this article about Metra commuter rail service cuts does it mention that Metra is a den of patronage beholden to Boss Michael Madigan (D-Chicago).

From the Daily Herald:
Metra leaders gave riders a 2019 fare-hike holiday Wednesday but promised doomsday-scenario downsizing unless state funding materializes.

That could mean eliminating stations, trains and even routes, officials said.

"Absent adequate funding, Metra cannot survive in its current form," Chairman Norm Carlson said.

The solution is to convince Illinois lawmakers to turn on the tap for transit despite ongoing state budget woes, officials said. "We are the lifeline that holds the region together economically -- we get people back and forth to work," Carlson said.
Just last summer Madigan rammed through a massive state income tax hike. There is plenyt of money, right?

Madigan's reckless spending has destroyed Illinois.

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