Monday, March 26, 2018

Mark Dice: 60 Minutes NothingBurger

Yes, I yielded to temptation and watched Anderson Cooper's 60 minutes interview of porn actress Stormy Daniels about her alleged tryst with Donald Trump twelve years ago. Not much to see, my friends.

Mark Dice in his latest clip noticed that despite the bright television lights, Daniels' eyes were dilated. That's very odd.

Also, Dice dismisses speculation that campaign finance laws were violated in regards to Daniels non-disclosure agreement with Trump, which of course she has violated.

Yes, it's a big nothing burger. Move along to the next imagined scandal, lamestream media.

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Anonymous said...

Oh be fair. Don't you recall how much coverage the MSM gave to Bubba's sexual activities? What, you don't? Well neither do I. But then Bubba was a MSM favorite.