Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Chicago alderman: "We're living in a lawless city right now"

Around this time yesterday afternoon a Chicago Police district commander, Paul Bauer, was shot to death outside of the James Thompson Center, a quasi-second state capitol building, in downtown Chicago. Across the street for that building is City Hall.

Two City Council members spoke to Fox Chicago about the murder.
The killing of a Chicago police commander on Tuesday had an emotional impact on two members of the city council who are themselves former cops.

They connected the killing of commander Paul Bauer, the first Chicago cop to die on duty since 2011, to the murder of other officers across the country -- about a dozen already in this still new year.

“Our crime rates are going up and we're living in a lawless city right now. And I do believe our police are trying everything. I do believe our city has the heart to fix this. It's just who's going to step up and do it?” said Alderman Anthony Napolitano.

“We don't know what happened with this thing. But I do believe there's a war on police. I think police are being vilified right now. There might be one or two bad apples in the bunch. But then you're lumping 'em all together for something bad that happened,” said alderman Nick Sposato.

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