Saturday, January 20, 2018

Top Ten Most Violent Neighborhoods in Chicago #8

"On its face Roseland is the nicest of all of the top ten most violent neighborhoods in Chicago" the narrator says in the latest Bloody Chicago series by my friend Victor J. Maggio."This neighborhood is a mystery because it goes against all of the usual arguments on what is causing this constant violence."

Roseland, which is on the Far South Side, is number 8 in Bloody Chicago's rundown of Chiraq violence.

Yes, this is where I lived as a small boy.

Maggio recalls the history of Roseland--which was one of the last Chicago neighborhoods to fall victim to race-based blockbusting. White residents were the losers--and so were the black newcomers. The unscrupulous real estate agents made out like the bandits that they were.

My look at Roseland:

(Photos) Abandoned homes of Chicago's violent Roseland neighborhood and my look back

(Photos) The abandoned homes of Chicago's violent West Pullman neighborhood (or Roseland part two)

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