Thursday, December 21, 2017

Decline and fall: Illinois could be the only state to lose two congressional seats after 2020 census

Chicago's South Side
When I was born Illinois had 24 seats in the US House of Representatives. Now there are only 18. Now Illinois is one of the few states consistently losing population. Yesterday the US Census Bureau released its latest population figures--and among the findings is that Pennsylvania passed up the Prairie State, it is now America's sixth-most populous state. The more than thirty-years of tyranny of state House Speaker Michael Madigan, a Chicago Democrat, and his public-sector union pals, is reaching its inevitable end. Illinois is a rotting corpse for maggots like Madigan to feed on.

Election Data Services in a press release reports that Illinois will lose another seat after the 2020 congressional reapportionment--and it may end up being the only state losing two seats. Boss Madigan is a master gerrymanderer--he'll find a way to increase the number of Democrats in the Illinois delegation, even though the biggest population drops are in the lockstep Dem strongholds of Chicago, particularly the West and South Sides, and its inner suburbs.

Decline and fall.

According to the same source, only two states are expected to pick up more than two seats after 2020, Texas (3) and Florida (2). Both of them were won by Donald Trump last year.

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