Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Hillary-Russia collusion: Campaign, DNC paid for debunked Trump "golden shower" dossier

Yes, there appears to have been collusion during the 2016 presidential campaign and it was between the Democrats and the Russians.

From the Daily Mail:
Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped bankroll research that led to the 'golden showers' dossier on Donald Trump.

Clinton's campaign lawyer Marc Elias hired research firm Fusion GPS back in April 2016 to look into allegations of Trump's ties to Russia, according to the Washington Post.

Fusion GPS, the Washington-based research firm, then hired former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele to dig up the unconfirmed dirt on Trump.

Clinton's lawyer and his law firm Perkins Coie continued to fund the research until October 2016 - just days before the presidential election.
The "golden shower" allegation--in which Trump allegedly hired prostitutes to urinate on a bed in a St. Petersburg hotel room that was used by Barack and Michelle Obama--has been discredited.

It was fake news.

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