Wednesday, August 09, 2017

(PragerU Video) The War On Cars

The left hates cars, particularly individual ownership of internal combustion engine cars. As a car owner, I can drive anywhere at anytime I want--as long as there is a road. You can't do that with airplanes, trains, or buses. And automobile-free zones are beginning to pop up in left-wing cities such as Seattle.

 I drove all over the north woods last month. There is no bus route for such a trip.

As for fully-electric cars, they are beyond affordability for most families, they take hours to charge--you can't go anywhere at anytime, and they are hard on the environment. The rare earth minerals needed for those cars batteries are mined--and a lot of energy is used to do so. And disposing of these batteries presents a toxic risk.

In this PragerU video, Lauren Fix, "The Car Coach," explains.


Holding My Nose said...

Don't forget that the power source for re-charging the batteries is almost always fossil fueled. On the other hand driving one, or even just having it parked at your home, is just sooo virtuous.

John Ruberry said...

True. And when those hybrid electric engine batteries, when they wear out, cost about $4,0000.

John Ruberry said...