Thursday, July 06, 2017

(Video) Gutfeld dismantles CNN over threatening Reddit user

Last week President Donald J. Trump, posted a mock video of  himself on Twitter wrestling and body-slamming a person with a CNN logo in place of his head.

That completely freaked out CNN as well as the rest of the establishment media.

That video was originally posted on Reddit, and the user apparently posted some nasty racist videos in the past. CNN found out who the Reddit guy is. Why, Greg Gutfeld, doesn't CNN track down rioters? The worldwide leader in fake news says they won't expose the identity of the creator of the video because he apologized and he vowed not to post any more inflammatory videos. But on the other hand, CNN hasn't ruled out revealing his identity.


The video, CNN, was a joke.

Even Juan Williams, a liberal, says CNN has gone too far.

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