Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Over 100 shot in Chiraq over July 4th weekend

On my way home from work yesterday--on July 4th, that is--I listened to Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson boast about the arrests of 58 people on drugs and gun charges "to keep residents and visitors safe in every neighborhood."

But as that radio report was airing Chicago was in the midst of a 12-hour surge from hell when an astounding 42 people were shot between 3:30pm yesterday and 3:30am this morning.

At least 101 people were shot over the four day weekend--15 of them fatally. Most of the shootings occurred in the traditional killing zones of the West and South Sides. In 2013, the last time Independence Day weekend lasted four days, only 74 people were shot in Chiraq.

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TriggerHappy said...

America's largest shooting range.