Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Get rid of the anti-Muslim township trustee--and Illinois township government too

Belly Deep Slough, Palos Township
Illinois, which is America's worst-run state, has more units of government than any other state in the nation.

That's not a coincidence.

Lately there has been a call from some Muslim activists and others for the resignation of trustee from Palos Township, which is where I grew up.

From CBS Chicago:
Activists say Monday's rally against a Palos Township Trustee is just the beginning, after a string of Facebook posts the group calls anti-Muslim.

The most recent post by Republican Sharon Brannigan reads 'What is Palos doing? Why are all our schools filling with Middle Eastern students without proper documentation?" Another from 2015 criticizes the community's Muslim population for "keeping themselves and their activities hidden" from others, WBBM's Andy Dahn reports.
Brannigan, please quit now. And all of the other trustees in, for starters, Cook, Lake, and DuPage counties, please resign too.

Township government is a relic of frontier Illinois, it serves no useful purpose other than to provide high-pay and low-work jobs with generous pensions. Oh, sure, township government in Illinois does a few things, such as run food banks, but those duties can quickly be absorbed by other government agencies or, in the case of food banks, taken over by not-for-profits.

Consolidating government units has been hailed, correctly, by Governor Bruce Rauner as a way to save taxpayers money, and as his campaign slogan proclaimed, Bring Back Illinois.

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