Thursday, July 27, 2017

63K Illinois public employees make more than $100K

ILL-inois flag
And Illinois continues to hemorrhage people. Surprised?

But the ruling class thrives.

From Adam Andrzejewski at Forbes:
Illinois is broke and continues to flirt with junk bond status. But the state’s financial woes aren't stopping 63,000 government employees from bringing home six-figure salaries and higher.

Whenever we open the books, Illinois is consistently one of the worst offenders. Recently, we found auto pound supervisors in Chicago making $144,453; nurses at state corrections earning up to $254,781; junior college presidents making $465,420; university doctors earning $1.6 million; and 84 small-town "managers" out-earning every U.S. governor.
And of course nearly all of them qualify for juicy taxpayer-funded pensions.

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