Monday, July 03, 2017

15 Republicans join Madigan to vote for irresponsible Illinois tax hike #Madigan #twill

Last night the Illinois House voted to approve an income tax hike--with no reforms such as a property tax freeze. It's a 32 percent hike.

Governor Bruce Rauner, the man who vowed to "Bring Back Illinois" and "Shake Up Springfield," vows to veto.

But the bill passed with a supermajority.

Fifteen Republicans sided with House Speaker Michael Madigan, who has been at the job for 32 of the last 34 years. The turncoats listed below are siding with the undertaker of Illinois.

Here they are--I will get more information on them later:
Republicans voting yes (15): Andersson, Bryant, Cavaletto, Davidsmeyer, Fortner, Hammond, D. Harris, Hays, Jimenez, Meier, B. Mitchell, Phillips, Pritchard, Reis, Unes.
If this bill becomes law, there still won't be enough money to satisfy the spend-a-holics in Springfield.


Holding My Nose said...

Here's betting that the "extra" revenue will be spent on favored pork barrel projects instead of what it was touted to be for when the Roll-Over Party turn coats voted for it.

John S said...

From what I read, Rainer will veto. Let's hope this is true.

Cal Skinner said...

Will these Republicans be Mike's Minions again?

fred said...

If you live in these turncoat districts,do not get mad get even,vote the bums out next time around!