Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Party of the rich: Tax assessments in Democratic Cook County punish the poor

The Cook County Assessor's office has been a crucial public office for the Cook County Regular Democratic Organization since the post was created eight decades ago. Wealthy property owners and big businesses shower the Chicago Democratic Machine--and the campaign fund of the assessor--with donations.

There has never been been a Republican assessor in Cook County. The Machine cannot allow that cash cow office to fall into the wrong hands.

The incumbent assessor, media-shy but nepotism-tainted Joseph Berrios, is also the chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party.

Today's Chicago Tribune has a detailed article about how Crook County tax assessments favor the rich over the poor. Of course they do.

Here's part of the equation that the Trib article only hints at: Rich people have the resources to appeal their assessments and a well-placed campaign contribution or two can grease the wheels for them. Poor people--oh, poor people, please do remember to vote Democratic each election--do not.

Illinois' most powerful Democrat even when there is a Democratic governor, Michael Madigan, presumably makes millions annually at his Chicago law firm that specializes in property tax appeals. Presumably? We don't know because the longtime state House speaker and chairman of the state Democratic party refuses to release his tax returns.

The Tribune spends a lot of time discussing antiquated computer models as to why the system is rigged.

Puh-leaze! The system is rigged because that's the way Berrios and his Machine wants it and that's the way his predecessors wanted it.

One party rule had destroyed Chicago and Cook County. Both are losing population.

So is Illinois.

People are waking up.

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