Thursday, June 15, 2017

Geraldo: GOP baseball shooting "attempted partisan mass murder"

Fox News' Geraldo Rivera, who is of course a liberal, laid out the case to his colleague Sean Hannity last night that the mass shooting during a baseball practice when the Republican congressional team was on the field, "This was attempted partisan mass murder."

But before Geraldo's comments, Hannity played a clip of President Trump's call for unity that he gave yesterday afternoon. Of those remarks, Rivera said, "That's the president we need right now to guide this country. That's the tone, that's the message, he's the president for all Americans."

Rivera then went on to condemn the bile. "In terms of the hatred that's out there," the longtime broadcast journalist said, "we have gone from partisan rancor to an unbelievable profound hatred of the other party."

He added, "The miracle is that we don't see more of this."

Geraldo mentioned the Julius Caesar "Trump assassination play" and Kathy Gifford's ISIS pose with the president's severed head.

"They didn't cause this, but they are the symptom of a division where this kind of festering hatred has been allowed to metastasize to a place now here anything is possible, anything goes."

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