Friday, June 02, 2017

Fox Detroit: Little Caesars says $100 million halal pepperoni lawsuit dropped because it is false

Southwest Detroit
My guess is that there are some attorneys in Michigan who wish they were working at an oil change shop instead of practicing law after having to labor on this case.

From Fox Detroit:
Attorneys for Little Caesars said on Friday that a lawsuit that claimed a Detroit-area Muslim man had been served pepperoni pizza instead of halal pepperoni was being dropped. However, the man's attorneys are disputing that assertion.

Little Caesars says after they were made aware of Mohamad Bazzi's lawsuit, they looked into the matter -- as the consumption of pork is strictly forbidden under Muslim law.

They say they found the allegations to be false and presented those results to Bazzi's attorney before heading into court.

"We shared the results of what we learned with Mr. Bazzi's attorney, which caused him to tell us he would dismiss the lawsuit," said Mike Huget from local Detroit law firm Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn.
The suit was (or is) for $100 million.

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