Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Chicago property taxes going up 10 percent to pay for pensions

Abandoned home, Chicago's
South Side
And still Chicagoans blindly vote Democratic despite all of the damage it does them.

Chicago and the rest of Illinois is a place where people like myself without a pension plan pay for the few--government workers--who have one.

Chicago is the only large city losing population and Illinois is one of the few states with negative population growth.

Today's news will only accelerate the exodus.

Depending on who you talk to Illinois has either the second-highest or highest property taxes in the nation.

Decline and fall.

From ABC Chicago:
A big property tax increase is coming to Cook County. And those bills will start showing up in your mailboxes soon.

While homeowners in the Cook County suburbs will see an increase, it is not as high as the hike in Chicago. But, city taxpayers should have seen this coming. The property tax increase passed last year for Chicago teacher pensions are now showing up on the tax bills.

If you own a home in Cook County, especially Chicago, you're about to experience some sticker shock on your next property tax bill. After completing its calculations for bills due August 1, the cook county clerks office warns city residents about a huge tax hike.

"The average Chicago tax payer is seeing a 10-percent increase in property taxes over last year," said Tanya Anthofer, Cook County Clerk's Office.
Illinois' reform governor, Republican Bruce Rauner, supports a statewide property tax freeze. Democrats oppose him.


Old 1811 said...

Rahm can find hundreds of millions of dollars for bike lanes, running and bike paths, and the "Department of New Americans," but when he is forced to meet his legally mandated obligations he has to raise taxes?
This is nothing but an attempt to discredit city workers in the eyes of the public.
I lived in Chicago for a long time. I'm so glad I left.

Anonymous said...

Worst run city and state I have ever lived in. Looking forward to moving out next year!