Friday, June 16, 2017

Bruce Rauner ad: The Choice

This is the best ad from an Illinois Republican in years. Well, the competition is weak, true.

On the other hand, unlike the Democrats, the GOP has a clear message. Save the Land of Lincoln.

The copy:
Mike Madigan will do anything to keep power, even take down Illinois.

Madigan's puppets blocked the budget, stopped property tax relief and now want to raise taxes by billions.

Madigan and his cronies reject reform, and let Illinois crumble.

We elected Bruce Rauner to reform Springfield. That's why Rauner's pushing a balanced budget and long-term property tax freeze to grow jobs. It's a new path to save Illinois, because Rauner means reform.

It's time we rebuild Illinois.

Boss Madigan, the Democratic Despot has destroyed this state.

As I wrote two weeks ago at Da Tech Guy, "Madigan would rather rule a collapsing Illinois than share power in a prosperous one, which is the same governing philosophy Russia’s last Czar used."

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