Monday, June 26, 2017

3 people ejected from Dyke March Chicago for holding Star of David pride flags

Sunday the 48th Pride Parade was held on Chicago's North Side. But for people looking for something more political, meaning more leftist, the action was in the Little Village Neighborhood on the Southwest Side, where Dyke March Chicago was held.

Three people were ejected from the parade by organizers because they were carrying a Jewish pride flag--which has the rainbow colors with a Star of David in the center.

From the Windy City Times:
According to one of those individuals—A Wider Bridge Midwest Manager Laurel Grauer—she and her friends were approached a number of times in the park because they were holding the flag.

"It was a flag from my congregation which celebrates my queer, Jewish identity which I have done for over a decade marching in the Dyke March with the same flag," she told Windy City Times.

She added that she lost count of the number of people who harassed her.

One Dyke March collective member, asked by Windy City Times for a response, said the women were told to leave because the flags "made people feel unsafe," that the march was "anti-Zionist" and "pro-Palestinian."
Does anyone seriously believe that a Dyke March is held in Gaza or the West Bank?

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