Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Red light cameras are a dishonest cash cow for many Chicago suburbs

Chicago's Northwest Side
Red light cameras are not about safety, they're about collecting revenue from unsuspecting drivers.

Even if they are legally turning right on red.

From ABC Chicago:
A joint investigation by the ABC7 I-Team and Chicago Sun-Times uncovered the suburbs making the most money from red light cameras, and found that most drivers get cited for turning right on red.

Dozens of angry drivers at court hearings, and even several red light camera insiders, all told the I-Team that the vast majority of tickets are handed out to people who go right on red. The I-Team found some of those people came to a complete stop.

Critics call it a money-generator, but suburban officials and a red light camera company insisted it's about safety.

The line of people outside a Dolton courtroom are all contesting red light camera tickets -- most busted for right on red.
Of course there are a plethora of red light cameras in the capital city of American graft, Chicago.


Lowly Knave said...

I asked my village for the name of the Red Light Camera company. Then I sent them a photo of the back of my vehicle and informed them the photo was copyrighted and the permission to use the likeness would be $5,000. I would be willing to pay any fine the village were to invoke, because the company, as a "For profit" enterprise would lose a copyright infringement case. They received my registered mail and I never heard from them again. Cops give me the "hairy eyeball" tho. lol


John Ruberry said...

Good lord. I had no idea it was this horrible.