Friday, May 26, 2017

Penitent Gianforte wins Montana House race

The day after he admittedly assaulted a reporter from the liberal British newspaper the Guardian, Republican Greg Gianforte won a special election to the US House. The seat was vacated by Ryan Zinke after he accepted President Donald Trump's nomination to be Interior secretary.

The reporter, Ben Jacobs, says Gianforte body-slammed him and broke his eyeglasses. The race was targeted by libs as a way not only to win a House seat but to make a point about Trump's so-called plummeting popularity.

But Gianforte still prevailed. I'm not going to make excuses for the congressman-elect's boorish behavior and he isn't either.

"Last night I made a mistake and I took an action I can't take back and I am not proud of what happened," Gianforte said as he declared victory. "I should not have responded the way I did and for that I am sorry."

On social media liberals are complaining about conservative silence on Gianforte's attack while condemning leftist violence at events such as Milo Yiannopolous' aborted attempt to speak at the University of California at Berkeley. They're not the same thing. Gianforte losing his temper and a premeditated raid by masked antifa radicals carried out with military precision are different beasts.

The congressman-elect has apologized. When has an antifa done so?

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