Sunday, April 09, 2017

Obama in law school called USA "a racist society"

We always knew Barack Obama was a far-left radical.

There should be no mystery as to why Obama joined the Reverend Jeremiah Wright's anti-white and anti-American congregation, Trinity United Church of Christ.

From the Daily Mail:
Barack Obama once called America a 'racist society' in an unpublished manuscript from his law school days, according to a Pulitzer Prize winning historian.

Biographer David Garrow says he uncovered a number of significant revelations about the former US president for his upcoming book on Obama's life to be released next month.

Garrow, who spent eight years researching and writing the biography, told The Jamie Weinstein Show that it was quite possible some of the revelations could have derailed Obama's candidacy if they surfaced in 2008.

'Racism against African Americans continues to exist throughout American society, an admittedly racist culture,' Obama and Fischer wrote, according to Garrow. 'Precisely because America is a racist society we cannot realistically expect white America to make special concessions toward blacks over the long haul.
That's sounds like something Obama's pal Bill Ayers might have written.

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