Thursday, April 13, 2017

Crook County judge indicted for mortgage fraud

Where does Crook County--which is where I live--find these judges?

Voters--not this one elec--them. The accused, Jessica O'Brien, is a Democrat. She's married to another Cook County judge, Brendan O'Brien. He's a Democrat too.

Party affiliation was mysteriously left out of the Chicago Tribune article about this case. The Russians must have hacked the Trib servers.
A civic-minded judge whose inspiring rags-to-riches story helped her become the first Filipina elected to the Cook County bench was indicted Wednesday on mortgage fraud charges.

Judge Jessica A. O'Brien, who presided over a small-claims courtroom and had served in prominent roles on numerous bar association boards, allegedly lied and concealed relevant facts from lenders to obtain more than $1.4 million in mortgages on two South Side investment properties that she purchased and sold between 2004 and 2007.

O'Brien was then working as a special assistant attorney general for the Illinois Department of Revenue, where she also reportedly held the position of chief counsel to the Illinois Lottery. A spokesman for the Department of Revenue was not able to confirm that Wednesday afternoon. She resigned from the department after she was elected judge in 2012, the spokesman said.

O'Brien was reassigned to non-judicial duties Wednesday by 1st Municipal District presiding Judge E. Kenneth Wright Jr., a spokesman for Chief Judge Tim Evans said. An executive committee of Evans and 17 other judges will meet next week to decide whether O'Brien will be removed from the bench while the case is pending.
Dontcha just love how O'Brien zigs and zags out of various government agencies?

The properties in question are on the South Side. One of them is in the solidly middle class Canaryville neighborhood, the other is in a severely blighted portion of Back of the Yards.

The first Filipina elected to the Cook County bench is now the first Filipina Cook County judge indicted while on the bench.

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